Strategic axis 4


Pork produced with respect and responsibility

Our aim is to feed the future with meat products of the highest quality in the most efficient and respectful way. We work daily to offer foods that take care of people and the planet and that respond to the needs of each of our customers.

We take care of quality from the original source

We guarantee the safety and traceability of our products

We maintain absolute control of the entire supply chain to ensure product traceability and food safety.

We apply the most rigorous hygiene and health protocols, in accordance with quality and food safety standards.

We have different official certifications that attest to the commitment and integrity of our products and procedures:

See what our seals mean

Animal Welfare - Welfair Certificate

IAWS: INTERPORC Animal Welfare Spain

European Farm Partnership (welfare standard)

IFS: International Featured Food Standards

IFS Logistics

BRCGS: British Retail Consortium Global Standards Food Safety

BRCGS: British Retail Consortium Global Standards Storage and Distribution

SAE (Protocol for the certification of specific self-control systems for export to third countries with requirements which differ from intra-community ones, RD 993/2014)

Certificate of Traditional Specialty Guaranteed (ETG) of Serrano ham

QS: QS Qualität und Sicherheit GmbH

Certification by OcaCert of compliance with the traceability requirements set out in Regulation 178/2002 of the European Parliament

ISO 22000: Food Safety Management System

We care about quality because we care about the health of consumers.

Strategic objectives of this axis and alignment with the SDGs

Some examples of specific actions that we carry out under the label of Feeding

We have a powerful Quality Management system that involves all departments of the company.

All our farms have recognized seals of animal welfare, quality and food safety (IFS, BRC Food, ISO 22000, Animal Welfare and Interporc).

We take care of our animals. We make rational use of medications and maintain their progressive reduction as one of our main objectives.

We promote R&D&I projects on our farms. We develop, for example, detection and early warning systems for disease outbreaks that allow us to improve biosafety (CAETRA project).

We maintain Food Defense policies to control and prevent possible intentional contamination.

We carry out technical training in animal welfare, hygiene, quality and food safety.

We promote the consumption of pork within a balanced and healthy diet through the “Rich and healthy pork” website.

We carry out periodic questionnaires to evaluate our customer satisfaction.


We innovate to continue creating value

We aspire to offer a respectful product, of high value and in line with consumer demands, which is in constant development. In this sense, we have different lines and research projects open:


Project involved in obtaining alternative, nutritious and traceable protein sources through bio-processes using AI.


Macro project that addresses the creation of an early warning system for disease outbreaks on farms in order to reduce the use of antibiotics.


Dedicated to the research of new nutrition, health and environmental strategies for sustainable and future pig farming (winner of the Porc d’Or Zoetis Special Award for Innovation in 2022).

Our companies

We are a Spanish business group composed of various companies, with an extensive track record and profitable, continuous and sustained growth.

The pink pig

Our main pork production company, with slaughterhouses and cutting plants.


Our cured meat company. One of the biggest producers of serrano and Iberian ham.


Our cutting plants that specialise in sows.


Specialised in pork by-products such as offal, loin and tripe.