Discover our commitment to your health and that of our environment.

We have been offering quality meat products prepared with respect and responsibility for over 100 years.

Quality foods that take care of you and the planet.

Being sustainable goes beyond meeting legal requirements; It implies a way of being, a way of working and of facing the challenges provided in attaining efficiency, ethics and integrity; motivated by the desire for customer satisfaction, but also by wishing to improve our environment by giving back to society what it gives to us.

Our involvement with these values and objectives is reflected in Feeding the Future, our strategic project and commitment to the environment, society and healthy eating, aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proposed by the UN for 2030. Feeding the Future frames all the concrete actions and communications we carry out to contribute to our purpose: to provide the global population with quality food (based on animal protein) that takes care of people and the planet.

Feeding the Future: in every product, in every act, in every decision

Feeding the Future covers the four strategic axes that allow us to structure our objectives and guide our long-term decisions.

How and why have we arrived at these axes?

Our strategic axes are the result of a rigorous analysis and classification of the aspects that are a priority regarding sustainability for Grupo Jorge and our stakeholders (customers, suppliers, workers, partners, administrations, financial entities, media, consumers, main competitors...).

This analysis is reflected in our Materiality Matrix (available in the Sustainability Report) and has allowed us to align our strategy with ESG criteria (Environmental, Social and Governance), which have become a point of reference for Socially Responsible Investment (SRI).

The result is the definition of these 4 axes, through which we can clearly and transparently communicate our commitments to society and the environment, setting out real actions and objectives that contribute to achieving the goals set within the framework of the 2030 Agenda.

All of these actions will later be communicated via the Feeding the Future project, to make the information more accessible to our interest groups.

Our strategic axes are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals

Once these axes are defined, we analyze our activity in response to the SDGs to ensure that we contribute to everyone to a greater or lesser extent, but especially to those who are priorities for the organization and our stakeholders.

By identifying our priority and strategic SDGs we can establish real goals based on acceptable criteria in the short and medium term. This work is what led to us obtaining the Sustainable Strategy (SDG) Certificate from AENOR; the first company in Aragon to do so.

Circular economy

We promote economic, social, environmental and energy circularity

The circular economy goes beyond the valorization and reuse of resources. It is an approach that redefines our production system and promotes the principle of “zero waste”. Our management model seeks to transform our relationship with resources, the planet and also with society, through innovation and by improving the quality of life of our community.

This is our way of creating value in a conscious and respectful manner.

We renew our commitment in Aragon

This year, 2023, we have renewed our adherence to the Aragon Social Responsibility plan and the RSA seal, updating our commitment to the 2030 Agenda, our roots in Aragon and the protection and promotion of our territory. Consult our responsibility statement with the 6 fundamental values of the initiative.

We have the EcoVadis 2023 Silver Medal

EcoVadis is one of the most recognized business sustainability certifications worldwide. It covers four major areas of impact: environment, labor practices and human rights, ethics and governance, and supply chain.

In our first evaluation, we obtained the Silver medal, scoring higher than 80% of the other companies, which is well above the average within the meat sector.

Our companies

We are a Spanish business group composed of various companies, with an extensive track record and profitable, continuous and sustained growth.

The pink pig

Our main pork production company, with slaughterhouses and cutting plants.


Our cured meat company. One of the biggest producers of serrano and Iberian ham.


Our cutting plants that specialise in sows.


Specialised in pork by-products such as offal, loin and tripe.