Workers, community and society

Our food is produced by and intended for people. People come first, which is why we are committed to ensuring that our activities have lasting positive repercussions on society in general and on our workers in particular. We are committed to training and attracting talent, with special focus on Aragon and Catalonia.

Grupo Jorge Foundation

In 2021 we created the Grupo Jorge Foundation, in order to materialize our commitment to society in real, visible and effective actions, as well as being an instrument to improve the environment in which we operate.

Among other actions, a new Chair has been created in collaboration with the University of Zaragoza, with the aim of promoting training and applied research in various strategic lines of our industry (smart farms, sustainability of the food chain, etc.)

From the Foundation we have also coordinated humanitarian actions such as the collection and sending to Ukraine of supplies and basic necessities. We make monthly donations of products to the Zaragoza Food Bank and other specific donations, such as to those affected by the Ateca fire (2022).

We work to promote a future full of opportunities for people.

Strategic objectives of this axis and alignment with the SDGs

Some specific actions that we carry out under the label of Feeding the Future

We promote continuous training, the creation and dissemination of knowledge in the industry through the Grupo Jorge Foundation Chair for Talent and Innovation.

We maintain zero tolerance policies on discrimination between workers, especially for reasons of nationality, sex and/or religion.

We protect diversity and effective equality by promoting our Equality Plans and guaranteeing people's professional development.

We work on the procedures and communications usedfrom the gender perspective, in order to guarantee real and effective equality of treatment and opportunities.

We give specific information to all workers both on equal opportunities and on the protocol for action and prevention of harassment in the workplace.

We actively work on reviewing and updating salary audits to alleviate possible differences and implement measures that help reduce them.

We maintain an active Whistleblowing Channel that allows any interested party to anonymously report regulatory infractions in the fight against corruption.

We apply and periodically review our Occupational Risk Prevention Plan to minimize risks and guarantee the safety of our team at all levels.

We care about modernizing work facilities and using safe and efficient equipment and technologies.

We monitor the satisfaction of our workers to identify needs, resolve conflicts and establish improvement plans.

We maintain an active social dialogue through the Company Committees.

We carry out sponsorship actions and collaborations with vulnerable groups, associations and educational projects within the communities in which we operate. More than €250,000 has been contributed to local foundations and non-profit entities.


Do you want to work at Grupo Jorge?

We are more than just a meat production business.

A professional option where all life projects fit

At Grupo Jorge you will find a wide range of opportunities in the agri-food and energy sectors. An opportunity for you, to grow in these markets, but also for us, to have new talents, restless minds and ready to face professional challenges.

Through our Chair it is possible to obtain a first employment contract in our companies or carry out university internships.


Our companies

We are a Spanish business group composed of various companies, with an extensive track record and profitable, continuous and sustained growth.

The pink pig

Our main pork production company, with slaughterhouses and cutting plants.


Our cured meat company. One of the biggest producers of serrano and Iberian ham.


Our cutting plants that specialise in sows.


Specialised in pork by-products such as offal, loin and tripe.